Table saw dolly lifter

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I want to come up with a wayto make this table saw easier to move without attaching a hugeamount of stuff to the bottom.

So what I've been thinkingof is a piece of angle iron that hooks on the bottom here and to have that somehowattached to a piece of 2 by 4 that goes across like this on both sides so then I can geta dolly underneath the 2 by 4 to lift up the saw.

I want the 2 by 4 to be alittle bit closer to the saw so I'm marking anoffset off the saw and then cutting thatout with the bandsaw.

As often I'm starting withsome rough sawn lumber.

This has got a bit of twist toit, so I ripped it to width before squaring itup on the jointer.

The connecting pieces need arabbet on one end because the 2 by 4 is much thicker thanthe angle iron on the bottom.

So first I make somecuts on the table saw hog out most of the material onthe bandsaw and then slide it back and forth onthe table saw to finish the cut.

It helps to use acenter punch to put a divot wherethe holes will go A little bit of oilhelps with the drilling and I didn't have thechuck in tight enough so I kind of stalledthe drill there.

Aw shit.

But overall actuallyI was able to drill 12 holes in this bedframe angle iron without resharpening the drill,.

So going slow and pushing hard actually really helped.

I used the tip of a largerdrill as a counter-sync.

When putting woodscrews in hardwood pilot holes really help.