Table Saw Crosscut Sled With Inserts

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– Today, we're gonna make a crosscut sled for my table saw with magnetic inserts.

Check it out.

(electronic music) – I got this sliding tableattachment a little while ago and I love it.

This thing is awesome.

But, the one place it falls short is cutting small pieces of wood.

So that's why I think it'stime to make a cross cut sled.

(bright electronic music) So I just set the magnetsin the base of the sled and this is the fun part where I get to tell you guys about how many times I've screwed up getting thepolarity of the magnets lined up on the inserts and on the sled.

So I just remade two new inserts which I haven't set the magnets in yet because I got the polarity mixed up on the first two sets of inserts and I had to knock the magnets out.

So yeah, check twice,then check two more times, then set the magnets.

(bright electronic music) All right, so I got my inserts cut now, I've done the five cut method to check how square my fence is and, after five cuts my test piece was out by less than half a millimeter.

For me, I think that about as good as I can ask for andhonestly I don't think I need it to be any tighter than that.

I don't think it's worthmessin' with the fence over less than half a millimeter, so, I'm gonna fasten this thing down and go on to the next step, which is building the stop block.

(upbeat electronic music) All right, well, there we have it.

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out.

But, like with all good projects, it's never really finished.

So my idea with the inserts was to have the ability to build jigs that are mounted to insertsthat I can easily swap in and out of this thing.

Obviously that's aproject for another day, which, you know, we'll be going down that road at some point.

My stop block here, Ioriginally had planned to have this be able toflip up and out of the way.

And I had it mounted on a wooden hinge, which didn't work out,so I had to abandon that and leave it with a fixed stop block.

So I'll probably revisitthis at some point too.

Again, I didn't glue itin, so all I have to do is pop this top cap offand I can undo the screws and I can mess around with that, see if I can ever get it to flip up.

But I'm pretty happy with everything.

And I gotta say, the magnetic inserts, I wasn't really surehow that would work out, but it works out incredibly well.

They don't bind on the blade,they don't move or shift, they don't even fall out whenI pick the whole thing up and move it around, so,I'm definitely impressed with the way that that turned out.

And yeah, that's that.

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