Router Table Storage Stand

Hey guys want to make the most out ofyour shop space got a Dewalt table saw maybe you want to add a router table orsome storage well stick around because I'm going to show you how we take thisand transform it down to this so this video is gonna be a littledifferent from the videos I've made before I made this thing well before Istarted making YouTube videos but I've been getting quite a few questions on itso I thought I'd throw this video together to clear a few things up I'mgonna try and keep this pretty short so just remember that the pause button isyour friend so when I decided I wanted to make a stand or whatever you want tocall this thing for my table-saw I decided there was a few more things thatI wanted to incorporate first of all I didn't have a router table and I wanteda router table for those times when a router just doesn't do it secondly Iwanted to take up a small amount of shop space thirdly I want it to be easy tomove because I wanted to be able to work on it outside because I have some largeprojects that are quite frankly easier to do outside and finally I wanted to bestable sometimes that's hard to incorporate in something like this soyou can see here the reason I got the table saw in the first placeI needed a rip a ton of strips so that led to a few things that I wanted to addto it first of all a zero clearance insert secondly because the strips areso skinny and I needed a fence that sat very close to the base of the table andthirdly infeed and outfeed because these were extremely long strips and thishelped make more stable cuts for infeed and outfeed tables I wanted somethingreally solid so I took some aluminum angle a spacer block and bolted themthrough the rails I used square nuts on the inside toallow it to tighten itself down as I just simply screwed in the screws fromthe outside then I put some tea nut inserts on the top side of the melaminethat were countersunk and tighten them down this made a semipermanent solution that I could simply detach later the stain was mostly madeout of two by fours and I used pocket holes to connect the joints back hereI've got one two by six to allow for a little more clearance for the Castor'sthat I ended up putting on here and other than that everything was squarecuts except for a couple bevels I put on the two by fours to make it a littlemore aesthetic and keep the sharp edges away from anybody's knees or catch onsomething as they were walking by so there's four holes in the frame andthe table saw I just use those to put live bolts through and then I put somesteel and rubber washers on it screwed that right down through the half-inchplywood this made a really stable base and then it made construction way easiermoving on to the router table edition now I just used some simple tube lightsto mount to the plywood and then on the underneath side I used some shims as youcan see here to make everything perfectly flat and level with the tablesaw surface itself I used some pocket holes to connect the two by eights withthe melamine with some angle brackets and then I went ahead and used aluminumangle which I mounted to the table saw by drilling a couple holes now this isthe only permanent change I made to the table saw itself but I felt like it wasworth it for the stability I got out of it so you may have wondered what thealuminum angle for on the outside is but that actually holds in the router plateand it does an awesome job here you're just going to route down to the exactsame size as a router plate and make a cutout that your router can fit throughso I use rocklers phenolic router plate here it worked awesome for my router Iused router plate B but they've got a router plate for practically any routerout there on the market I'll leave a link in the description below so youguys can pick up one for yourselves so if I'm using the table sole and I decidethat I want to go over to my router all I do is have a lever move this over lockit in place grab my secondary fence that I created which isn't perfectly Center boom I'moff to the races all I got to do is kick this vacuum port plug it right into hereboom set now I can just get straight in here loosen everything up so this skillrouter I have works awesome I can get in here to change out a bit with my wrencheasily I can get to the power switch and I can aux all access the variable speedwithout anything being in the way this fence also works really well if I wantto cut a board so I just raised my blade move the thing over to where I want thefence over to where I want lock it down and so I think this is actually thefirst drawer I ever made and I know it doesn't look awesome I actually tried touse a finger joint jig that I made and it doesn't look great but hey it getsthe job done this thing works both in the stored and upright position I lovethis thing because everything I need to use is right there and it's a superefficient way to use my shop space so this fence add-on it's pretty simpleit's just got a cutout in the middle and then it's boxed in right there to allowfor the vacuum port to do its thing and extracts the chips through the mousehole I cut a slot or a dado on the top ofboth sides to accept rocklers t-track this is awesome for holding jig stopblocks or feather boards one more thing I did do is drill in tap holes in thetop of the fence to hold down the auxilary fence if needed so say you'redone using your fence and you want to remove it you just pull up the lever onboth sides and the whole thing just comes straight off there and then you gograb your crosscut sled or whatever jig you may be using and you're set oneother thing that I really like about this configuration is that the cord forthe router actually fits in the same place is the cord for the table saw soyou don't have cords flying around everywhere when you're trying to packthis thing away so if you're gonna make one of these there's a couple additionsthat you could add to it that I haven't gotten around to yet first of all youcould put handles on here with hinges that would hinge in and out and be outof the way when you weren't transporting the thing back and forth secondly youcould put runners on the drawer for it to be able to seat easier and you couldalso put a place to hold your tools such as bits or push sticks or feather boardsanything like that that you would need when you're using this thing and finallyyou could finish your paint it you know I like the rough look and it's going inmy shop so that's what I went with so I made a set of plans for this if youguys would like some detailed instructions on how to make it but ifnot you guys would like to use this for inspiration that's awesome to take apicture and hit me up on Instagram I'd love to see it hey guys so that's it forthis one I hope you found this useful if you know somebody that could possiblyuse this pass it along and please share it also if you would hit the subscribebutton if you're new here I've got videos like these coming out forinstructional and project based videos where I'm actually building the projectitself the channels growing really well I'm super happy with the progress we'vemade so far so thank you guys so much for your support please leave me somefeedback on the video let me know if you like this style or you want somethingchanged I'd love to hear what you guys think I'm always trying to improve thechannel so any feedback you can give me would be greatly appreciatedthanks for watching stay safe and have a good one.

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