Hi there! My name is Marie and today I'mgoing to show you how to make the perfect half lap joint, whether it's onan end like this or in the middle. Until recently I've used differentmethods to make half lap joints. I've tried using my table saw with my miter gauge I've used my bandsaw. I've even used chisels and done them by hand and what I found is every single time the results have been very inconsistent nevergetting […]

I wanted to make a crosscut sled for mytablesaw and I looked at all the plans and different videos online. Onereally stuck out that had all the bells and whistles. It looked super nice and thevideo was really nice on how to make it. I went ahead and bought the plansfrom Nick Ferry and followed his video. It turned out really nice. Check the description section down below for links to Nick's video and his plans. I'm making […]

Hi, I'm Marie from DIY Montreal andtoday I'm going to show you how to make a tapering jig. I started by grabbing ascrap piece of 3/4 inch Baltic birch plywood from my lumber cart. Themeasurements of the jig will really depend on the size of your table saw andwhat you plan to do with it whether it's taper furniture legs, cut plywood onan angle or straighten a live edge. I personally cut an 8 inch strip for thebase […]

Mark the middle of the (corner) hole Milling cutter must subsequently stop at the marking Stop at the mark Welcome to my workshop. I am Andreas, If you want to watch inspiring videos, if you want to improve your woodworks by learning with me, and if you want to build things in your workshop, Subscribe to my channel so you will not miss any videos in the future. I have been planning for many months to build a […]

this is not quite the sound that thistable saw supposed to make well it definitely wasn't the blade not themotor just spinning the upper on its own it feels rough you can even hear itspin so one of those bearings is worn out so how to get this part out I thinkthis whole shebang needs to come out because those bearings are going to bepressed fit in there but I've discovered there's a set screw back here so […]