hybrid table saw

This is my hybrid table saw.

A hybrid table is essentiallya cross between what's traditionally knownas a contractor saw and a cabinet maker saw,but I don't have a cabinet maker saw to show you.

Now the term contractor saw is kind of obsoletebecause contractors nowadays almost always use jobsite saws, like this one, because these are so much easierto move than one of these.

But before these saws came intoexistence in about the 1980's, one of these was stilla lot easier to move then a cabinet maker saw,because on one of these, you can take the motor offand you can also detach it from the base and then it'sactually fairly luggable by two people.

So this contractor saw isn't exactly the waythey come stock I have added a table extensionhere, I closed it off on the bottom,and I closed it off here so I have better dust collectionand L also added this here, which dampens some of thevibrations so it's kind of hard to see inside the saw right nowbut the mechanism for the saw is essentially attached to thebottom of the cast iron table, which isn't ideal.

On a cabinet maker saw the mechanism would beattached to the base and then the tablejust sits on top but this is a hybrid tablesaw and it's actually built more like a contractor saweven though it looks more like a cabinet maker saw.

So this one has an enclosed housing, there'sa lid that goes on here and the mechanismis almost identical to that of a contractor saw inthat you have the trunnions attached to the bottomof the table they're tied together withthis bar here, and the motor hangs off the bottom of themechanism whereas if it was a contractor saw, the motorwould hang out the back here and this would be open.

So the big advantage of this over a contractor saw is thatit's much easier to contain the dust, you don't have themotor sticking out the back, and beyond that it operatesvery much the same.

Disadvantage over a contractorsaw is that this is much harder to move becauseyou can't take the motor off very easily, and you can't takethe base apart but that's okay because these saws are meant forhobbyists, they're meant to go into a hobby workshopand you really don't move them, much like you wouldn'twith a cabinet maker saw.

Now contractor saws have castiron tops and induction motors, which means they run quietand they're fairly precise but given the much betterportability of a job site saw, even though they don'twork as well, the increased portabilityof a contractor saw compared to a cabinet maker sawjust doesn't make sense anymore and so you don't really seemany of these made anymore and for a hobbyist who justwants a inexpensive saw to use in the workshopit makes much more sense to have a cabinet like thiswith a motor inside.

This doesn't cost any moreto make than one of these and essentially this servesthe purpose of being a hobbyist cabinet maker saw.

And, so the saws typically come with motors that are1 1/2 or3/4 horse power, which is the biggestthat you can still plug into a regular 120 volt outlet,whereas cabinet maker saws come with typically3 horse power motors and require a 240 volt circuit.

Now having the whole mechanism hang off the bottom ofthe table is not ideal compared to a cabinet makersaw because for one thing it causes the table to sagdown just a little bit, whereas on a cabinet maker sawwith the mechanism on the cabinet there's no load on the top.

This contractor saw is actually a little bit better in thisregard because with a motor at the back it actually appliesleverage and pushes the middle of the table up a little bitand having a table bow up is actually much less of aproblem than having it bow down.

This one bows downby about half a millimeter.

I've been using my oldcontractor saw partially because I wasn't sure where I wanted toput it and I have a mobile base on that one, but I'm prettysure I want it there now, So I'll move it in placebefore I put it together.

So except for the guard,which is kind of useless, this is now pretty much everythingthat came with the saw.

And now addingmy homemade table extensions.

I have my router lift righthere plus an extra leg to support this table extension and I have my little minidust collector hooked up here and right now this saw isactually, I put an angle because I neededa lot of room this way and then later for cove cutsthis way because I was making a whole stack ofbaseboards since then and that will benext week's video, because we'll be travelingthis week so I don't have as much time to makea really involved video.

So that's all for this weekand here's a sneak preview of my next reviewwhich should be ready in a week.

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