How long to make a table saw sled?

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This small table saw sled and I use a sled like this all the time but I don't have one for this sawat the moment and I thought I'd see how long does itactually take to make one of these if I wasn't filming it so I'll justleave the cameras rolling while I'm making itand I'll edit it afterwards and we'll see how long it takes I've got a clock right there.

I got most of my materialsready ahead of time to try to make this buildgo a little bit quicker And here's a piece of Baltic Birchthat's just about the right size so I just need to make one cut on it.

Two pieces of two by four will makethe front and back fences I just need to cut themto the right width.

I should add that I squaredand straightened these on a joint or before I started filming.

And now I need to cut them to length and the length that I needis the same length as the with the pieceof Baltic birch plywood I'm using.

And now I'm actuallycutting them to width.

I changed my mind beforeand didn't cut them.

And now to make the runnerI normally make that sort of thing out of exotic hardwood butI thought I'd try plywood this time because I always ran into problems with the wood gettinga little bit wider that the sled got too tightin the summer.

I figure with plywood I havemuch less of that problem.

The plywood I'm using here is actually plywood that ismaple layers throughout I don't know where you couldbuy that sort of thing I got this out of a piece of scrapfrom the garbage.

And I'm shaving this down makingnarrower and narrower cuts until it fits in the slot just right.

Now the plywood is a little bit thickerthan need it to be so after having cut it to widthI'm actually ripping it down to the right thickness And, now to attach that runner the runner needs to be a little bitfurther from the edge as it is from the slot to the blade and I'm just clamping that on for now now and measuring that distance and then measuring slightly furtheron the wood itself and with the two C-Clamps on there I can go ahead and drill holesfor screwing it on Now normally I would be attachingthis runner mostly with glue but because I want this video to go fast and I don't want to wait for it to dryI'm actually just screwing it on for now.

The drilling left a little bitof chip-out on the wood so I'm chiseling that offbefore screwing it on there.

Just checkingthat the camera's still recording.

And now cutting the first edgeand also flipping it over and making a slight cut from either end so that I know where the actual slotfor the sled is gonna be.

With that first cut madeI know that this edge is exactly parallel to the runner so I can use a big framing square to make sure the fence is gonna beperpendicular to that and I actually have great faithin framing squares I've never had one that was out of square.

And now with a clamps removedI'm just checking for squareness again and then without the clampsI can go ahead and put the rest of the screws in.

And now I'm using pretty muchthe same procedure to get the other fence on therenice and square as well.

And repetition is not that exciting so I'm playing that backat 16 times speed.

And now cutting offthe excess length of the runners.

Well, my plan has been foiled becausethis camera stops recording after after 20 minutes and the one I'm holding was supposed to go for 40 minutesbut it stopped after 23 minutes and I didn't check the camerasfor a while.

So, I've actually gottena lot further on this sled and as is in the film what I've done sincethen is I cut the slot through here and I took these things off again because I forgotto plane the bevel into here and I made this block herethat goes right there.

And that it to protect mefrom getting my fingers cut because I pushed it throughthe blade comes out here and that block is gonna get glued onand if I'm gluing that on I should also glue onthe fence that it attaches to.

Glue bottle's plugged up?A drill unclogs it pretty quick.

And I'm gonna have to wait for glue to dryso I figured while I'm at it I might as well glue on that runner now so just unscrewing itputting some glue on there Damn glue bottle.

spraying that out a bit so I don't gettoo much squeeze-out and to put it back onI'm putting one of the screws in first so I can just put it on the pointof the screw so I don't end up smearing it around as I place it.

And again since I have to waitfor glue to dry anyways, I might as well glue onthe back fence as well.

I have a little bit of a glue squeeze-outthat went into that small bevel that I planedon the edges of those rails I don't want glue in there becausethat needs to be a place for sawdust.

While the glue driedI looked at what I shot and basically, this basic sled took about a half an hour to buildand after that I just kind of got into finer detailslike beveling the edges, There is one thing that is not partof a sled like this that I really likewhich is to have some sort of stop that prevents me from pushing the sledpast the middle of the blade and I already made some prototypeof a little flip stop that goes here like this.

So I'll make that againout of some nicer hardwood.

this shape is tricky to figure out.

I just do a trial and error which is why I made a prototype.

So, it will pivot on a nail and it will catch like this.

but it also needs to not catch on this little slot, here.

Now just markingwhere the hole needs to go.

And I always like to puta coat of varnish on my jigs because that way they just look nicerand they don't get dirty so easily.

And I really don't have a needfor painter's triangles either.

So even if you like big fancy table saw sleds you should still make yourselfa simple one like this because it's not much work to make one.

only problem is at that pointyou'll hardly ever use a bigger sled because it's just so handy to put aside when you're not using it.

And this is actually the fifth sled I built like that.

This was the first one I madejust for cutting some puzzle pieces and I realized it was so handy I decided tomake a video about making one like that and that was this one at which pointI decided I could use this one for dado's And then I made this onefor my homemade table saw.

I made this one this onefor the wall table saw And, now this one.