Half Lap Miters on a Table Saw

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Hi, and welcome to a new video.

In this video I want to show you how you can create perfect half-lap miter joints on your table saw.

Like this Using only a standard crosscut sled and a combination square The first thing we need to do is to cut our pieces to length.

and this is important! I'm just going to cut two pieces to show you how this works But if you're making a square frame or something you can cut four equal pieces.

Okay, so now I have my two pieces of wood here.

I need to set the blade height halfway through the stock No, I'm just going to use my combination square.

Take off the ruler And you just put the piece.

In the blade groove like this You push the combination square until you have have a forty-five degree angle Okay, so now you have your first cut like this.

Now you need to remove this material On my second piece, I'm going to use a stop block.

I'm going to measure the width.

right there I'm just going to remove all the material out like this.

So this is what I'm going to remove Okay, so now I'm going to do my final cut on the second piece Just going to use a piece of scrap wood This Adjust the blade, so it goes all the way through Like this.

and just push it right up to the edge of the groove Okay, so let's see how the pieces fit together, you have a little overhang here, so you need to cut off that But you can see you have a perfect miter joint Yes, that's good.

Very nice!.