Grinding Circular Saw The Simplest Way

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Hello, today I want to show you how you cansharpen a circular saw.

Please note that this disc lacks half of theteeth.

Now I'm doing a trial cutting to see thatthe tree is hard to cut and the seam has a ragged appearance.

You can buy a new disc, but I would not rushit, because the saw blade can be sharpened easily.

For this work, it is better to make a simpleadaptation from an angle grinder and a chipboard table.

First, you need to strengthen the angle grinderwith a diamond disk to the workbench.

This disc is usually used to cut ceramic tiles.

Such a disk can easily sharpen the hard endson the saw blade, since the diamond disc is superior in hardness to any material.

You can make a table, you just have to watchhow it's done.

So the table is ready, the angle grinder is fixedand you can sharpen the saw blades.

It is necessary to establish an axis aroundwhich the saw blade will rotate and the same angle of sharpening of each tooth of the sawblade will be observed.

It often happens that the teeth are broken,but you do not have to worry, as the permissible loss of the number of teeth can be more than50%.

I wanted to set the limiter from the otherend of the saw blade, so that the same sharpening was the same for all the teeth, but this didnot work out due to disc inaccuracy.

So I sharpened it by hand and it turned outvery well – a very good woodcut, like a new saw blade.

I decided to sharpen another saw blade, whichI also sharpened.

Now for an example I'll show you how sawsa saw blade that does not have 50% of teeth.

You probably noticed that for each disc, anew setting is required, suitable only for this saw blade.

In this case, this is due to the differentpitch of the teeth.

As you can see, the thickness of the solidends is still very large and you can sharpen the saw blade 2-3 times more, which will significantlyextend the life span.

Now for an example I will show you that sawblade that does not have 50% of eubies, you can see it saws very well and can work fora long time.

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