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Patriotic Sports Ping Pong Paddles Table Tennis Racket 2 Bat Set with Carry Case Premium Quality

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  • A CLASSIC, AMERICAN SPORT Though ping pong originated in England and is referred to as Table Tennis in many parts of the world, ping pong has long been a beloved American sport and tradition. We wanted to recreate the spirit of patriotism and our love for sports which is why both racket paddles have the American Flag and Eagle imprinted on one side. It is a commemorative tribute to everything that makes America so great.
  • TWO SIDES, TWO FUNCTIONS The paddles are designed so that each side has a different function. While both sides are made of high quality rubber, one side has extra grip to control the ping pong ball better. This side allows more spin and curvature of the ball while the smoother side of the table tennis blades ensures a stronger, harder hit. For experts, this double-sided paddle allows for high control of the ball. For beginners, the smoother side expresses a cleaner, straighter hit.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE CRAFTSMANSHIP It was important to us at Patriotic Sports that we crafted a ping pong bat that feels as good in your hands as it looks to your eyes. The entire racket is comprised of 5 ply poplar wood. The blade is covered in durable rubber with the smoother side decorated in our patriotic American slogans and the grip side is a simple black and red. The rubber is fixed with eco friendly glue that is not only good for the environment but is highly sustainable to wear and tear.
  • PROTECTED BY A CASE AS DURABLE AND PATRIOTIC AS THE PADDLES This ping pong racket set comes encased in a black bag that holds both table tennis racket bats in place with two inner straps. The case zips to protect your items and has a red loop to clip to your backpack or hang from a coat hanger in your hallway. True to the patriotic theme, the black case is adorned with a picture of the American flag and our logo on the front.
  • ALL PURPOSE PING PONG PADDLE KIT Whether you want to play indoor or outdoor, recreationally or more seriously, these quality, wooden blades are designed for any level of expertise. Bring them with you anywhere --their super compact design makes it so you can throw them in your bag for any occasion and you always have an extra one if your partner needs one.
Uniting The Love of Ping Pong with the Love of America
Ping pong is a fun American pastime that people still love to play. We wanted to bring back that feeling of freedom, patriotism, and a time when things weren't so complicated. Our paddles are a way of uniting everyone based on the flag and the love of table tennis.

All That Comes With Your Purchase
A black presentation box with our slogan
A branded case that resembles a tennis bag that zips and has a red fabric loop for hanging
2 individually branded table tennis bats: one of the bats has a 'Born in the USA' design and the other bat has the 'Eagle' design
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
At Patriotic Sports, we want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If something is not right with your product, please feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to send a replacement.
Not suitable for sanctioned tournaments due to the graphic design on paddle

Makes for a Great Gift
If you know someone who loves this great country as much as you and who also happens to love ping pong, this is a very unique and excellent gift.