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Ar500 Steel Targets 10" X 3/8"

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  • STEEL TARGETS FROM QUALITY AR500 STEEL are designed to last forever, with proper use bullets bounce right off or vaporize without damaging the steel providing many years of use.
  • AN AR500 STEEL TARGET IS A GREAT INVESTMENT and will last you many years. No more holes to patch and no more chasing down shooting targets to see if you have hit or missed. Metal shooting targets are a quantum leap forward in shooting fun.
  • AR500 TARGETS SOUND OFF WHEN HIT providing a satisfying ring that lets you know right away if your shot was a hit or a miss.
  • AR 500 STEEL TARGETS are the hottest new thing in shooting and if you have not shot steel yet you are missing out. Once you shoot steel you will never go back to shooting boring paper targets again. Make sure and check out all of the positive reviews for this shooting target.
  • BETTER TRAINING WITH AN AR500 STEEL TARGET experts agree shooting steel targets vs paper targets will make you a better shooter in less time due to the instant feedback provided by reactive metal targets.
More information on ShootingTargets7 ar500 steel targets;

o Weight: 8.6#
o Mounting hole diameter: 1/2"
o Designed for use with our mounting kits (search shootingtargets7 mounting kit)
o Target ships unpainted for lowest possible price

AR500 targets are the hottest thing in shooting these days and for good reason. Our AR500 Metal targets are different from paper in that they have instant feedback. What this means is that an AR500 steel target is hit with a bullet it makes a nice ringing sound and also moves. With metal shooting targets you know right away if you have hit or missed, this instant feedback will make you a better shooter in less time than with using conventional non reactive shooting targets.

ShootingTargets7 is a veteran owned business and we take great pride in our products. We offer a lifetime money back guarantee on every product we sell. Our shooting targets are CNC laser cut on a state of the art Mitsubishi 6000w laser for amazing cut quality and minimum heat damage to the cut edges for minimal edge chipping.

With proper use your AR500 targets will last you a lifetime. Once you experience the joy of shooting steel it's unlikely you will ever shoot boring paper targets again. Steel targets make shooting fun again for the entire family.