Milwaukee 5371-21 1/2-Inch Magnum Dual Torque Hammer-Drill, 0-1000/0-2500 RPM Kit with Heavy-Duty Plastic Case ~ Milwaukee


Milwaukee 5371-21 1/2-Inch Magnum Dual Torque Hammer-Drill, 0-1000/0-2500 RPM Kit with Heavy-Duty Plastic Case

Brand Milwaukee
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  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is durable
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • 5.5 amp motor for optimal power
  • Lightweight (5-3/4 lbs.) for overhead use
  • Two-speeds per mode: 0-1000 rpm, 0-20,000 bpm, 0-2500 rpm, 0-50,000 bpm, plus reverse
  • Removable brush cartridge for super fast brush changes
  • Stores spare carbon brushes in handle for quick access and minimal downtime
DRILL HMR 1/2 PSTL DI W/CASE. The product is easy to use. The product is durable. The product is manufactured in China.

Hands down, Milwaukee's Magnums have the best power-to-weight ratio and more torque than any other drill in their class—-and more power and less weight means a faster, easier job for you. The dual range speed control is phenomenal; pair either of the speed ranges with high or low torque to exactly match the size of the bit and the material you're drilling into. The variable speed switches are smooth; the large, two-finger trigger and grips are ergonomically designed to feel great in your hand and offer optimum comfort and balance. The auxiliary handle adjusts easily, and its depth guide slides nicely and secures tightly for accurate repetition. In hammer-drill mode, this model's aggressive and powerful, offering up to an awesome 50,000 blows per minute, blowing away even the densest masonry. Be sure to use the best carbide bits you can afford, though, because a cheap bit is a waste on a great hammer drill like this. If we had to choose our favorite feature, it might well be the spare carbon brushes that store right in the handle for instant, on-the-job maintenance. As soon as you notice you're losing power, just change out the carbon brushes (it took us less than a minute) and you're back on the job. This chuck is keyed, and we know some of you are keyless fans, but don't let that keep you away from this fantastic piece of machinery. Like all of Milwaukee's goods, this one's made well, with high impact-resistant motor housings that will survive the roughest jobsite and rubber cords that stay flexible no matter the weather.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste