Brut 101H Abrasive Cleaning Blaster ~ Brut


Brut 101H Abrasive Cleaning Blaster

Brand Brut
Category Home Improvement
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  • Built-in funnel top for easy loading and semi-auto pull-up closure
  • abrasive metering chamber, blast hood, 1/8 inch nozzle, rubber tires, 10 feet hose
  • 80-100 lb capacity
  • 125 PSI working pressure
  • 10 inch diameter, 25 inch tank height, 33 inch overall
BR101H Features: -Blaster abrasive. -Include pressure gauge and pressure relief valve. -Include lightweight hood for face and eye protection. -3'' Semi-automatic pull-up closure. Generic Dimensions: -8'' Wheels. -Tank dimensions: 25'' H x 10'' W. -Height: 33''. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -60 Pounds.