– You see that? That's rust. I don't even know how it got there. But today's two-minute tool hack, I'm not only gonna showyou how to get rid of it, but I'm also gonna show you how to keep it off your saw for good. Stay tuned. The first thing I'm gonnado is take mineral spirits and scrub the whole thingdown with 400 grit sandpaper. That'll get any corrosion or rust off of the table surface,out of the […]

Hi, and welcome to a new video. In this video I want to show you how you can create perfect half-lap miter joints on your table saw. Like this Using only a standard crosscut sled and a combination square The first thing we need to do is to cut our pieces to length. and this is important! I'm just going to cut two pieces to show you how this works But if you're making a square frame or […]

This is my hybrid table saw. A hybrid table is essentiallya cross between what's traditionally knownas a contractor saw and a cabinet maker saw,but I don't have a cabinet maker saw to show you. Now the term contractor saw is kind of obsoletebecause contractors nowadays almost always use jobsite saws, like this one, because these are so much easierto move than one of these. But before these saws came intoexistence in about the 1980's, one of these was […]

I recently had torip a whole lot of material where a power feederwas a handy thing to have, so I improvised onewith just a drill and a rod and a roller skatewheelie on the end of it, with a block like thisto guide it. But then in the next stepI had to actually cut the wood like this and that contraptionwasn't going to work so I came up with thiscontraption which I could mount vertically againstthe sacrificial fence. […]

– Today, we're gonna make a crosscut sled for my table saw with magnetic inserts. Check it out. (electronic music) – I got this sliding tableattachment a little while ago and I love it. This thing is awesome. But, the one place it falls short is cutting small pieces of wood. So that's why I think it'stime to make a cross cut sled. (bright electronic music) So I just set the magnetsin the base of the sled and […]

What did I do wrong? You had a blade pinched becauseit dropped on either side Oh, I see, and thenthere's tension on there. When the motor's, when you hearthat sort of thing, you're like "Ugh" immediately becauseit's like damaging itself as it's doing that. That's fine, it should be fine. Now there might be a littlerubber smell from the belt. So, what happened here isas Paul was making this cut, the blade cut deeper and deeperuntil there was […]

Hey guys want to make the most out ofyour shop space got a Dewalt table saw maybe you want to add a router table orsome storage well stick around because I'm going to show you how we take thisand transform it down to this so this video is gonna be a littledifferent from the videos I've made before I made this thing well before Istarted making YouTube videos but I've been getting quite a few questions on itso […]

I want to come up with a wayto make this table saw easier to move without attaching a hugeamount of stuff to the bottom. So what I've been thinkingof is a piece of angle iron that hooks on the bottom here and to have that somehowattached to a piece of 2 by 4 that goes across like this on both sides so then I can geta dolly underneath the 2 by 4 to lift up the saw. I […]

– Hey guys, my name's AaronMassey from mrfixitdiy. Com, and today I'm here to talkto you about table saw safety because earlier thisweek I had an accident. (rhythmic instrumental music) If you follow me on social media, you know that earlier thisweek while doing a cut similar to cuts I've donethousands of times before, I had an accident, andmanaged to screw up my hand by making some careless mistakes that led to my hand making contact with the […]

Hello, today I want to show you how you cansharpen a circular saw. Please note that this disc lacks half of theteeth. Now I'm doing a trial cutting to see thatthe tree is hard to cut and the seam has a ragged appearance. You can buy a new disc, but I would not rushit, because the saw blade can be sharpened easily. For this work, it is better to make a simpleadaptation from an angle grinder and a […]

I'm Brad Rodriguez and today I'm gonna show you how to make a storage cabinet to hold everything that goes with your table saw. The blades, the wrenches, the feather boards, the throat plates, the jigs, everything everythig that's related to your table saw all in one space and it's even got some cool sliding door features. I'll show you exactly how I did it stay tuned. I was in dire need of this cabinet since my table […]

This small table saw sled and I use a sled like this all the time but I don't have one for this sawat the moment and I thought I'd see how long does itactually take to make one of these if I wasn't filming it so I'll justleave the cameras rolling while I'm making itand I'll edit it afterwards and we'll see how long it takes I've got a clock right there. I got most of my materialsready […]