Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

An opportunity to serve in the community and gain an understanding of civic responsibility. The student has a chance to reflect on their service experience which can help with building character and problem solving skills.

Some examples of Service Learning:

  • Feeding the homeless or disadvantaged
  • Donating time to a shelter or children’s program
  • Reading to kids on a regular basis (after school program)
  • Spending time with shut-ins or visiting senior citizen centers
  • Participating in building homes for less fortunate
  • Volunteering to help those in need at programs in the local area

How does it work?

  1. Find a service learning opportunity(Read the directions in packet)
  2. Complete the assumption of risk document and submit it to the Office of Special Programs located in the College Center, Room 225.
  3. Begin your service learning experience
  4. Track your time and hours per the guidelines outlined in the packet
  5. Complete the Student Information and Agency Placement Information form; enter the times you start and end work on the time sheet each day and obtain the required signatures; complete the survey and write your essay/reflection paper.
  6. Set up a brief appointment with our STEM Counselor, Jessica Garcia to submit your completed packet by the due date on the front page of the packet.
  7. Packets must be submitted in person
  8. Once your packet has been cleared and verified your documents will be prepared and mailed to you.

Service Learning Packet: Click here for the Packet 

Service Learning Opportunities: Click here for the Opportunities 

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